Sunday, March 29, 2009

If There is Budbreak, it Must be Spring!

It has finally arrived- budbreak- the little leaves are finally emerging from their winter hibernation. My Tres Palmeras vineyard is about two weeks later than last year. The weather has been pretty cool, and we are still pretty low on the rain. I was a little concerned about the cold snap we had about a week ago as the buds were looking pretty fat, but so far.........
Hopefully the vines have had enough water for healthy root growth- this may be the year that my Tempranillo does not overgrow itself! It will be a tough decision later in the year for water needs-there is a good possibility that it will not be available. This could mean another short year for grapes-we still have a ways to go yet- thinking too far ahead.

Looking back at last years harvest, here is a little video of the pics- the sound track is how I feel during this hectic time- enjoy!

Event update : Thursday I will be in San Francisco for the Wine 2.0 event - check it out and I hope to see you there!

That's all for now-
The Mustang Winemaker, Penelope

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