Friday, October 1, 2010

The Neverending Harvest and Sad News

Harvest started for me the second week in August and looks like it will be mid November before it ends. For some in the field it started even earlier and will end later. Harvest is a time of constant adrenaline, little sleep, and lots of pizza and burritos- I love it. The smells, the challenges, it is all an incredible rush for me.

Last week sadness, making me look at harvest in a little different light- making me wonder about the marvels of life, how special the world and all of its creatures are. My dog Kado left us after a battle with cancer. It has left a hole in my heart, slowed my pace. Coming home after a long day, his happy face is not there- even in his last days he would make his way to greet me no matter what the hour. He was a pure bred Basenji that we rescued from the Healdsburg shelter- what a treasure!

On life goes.........

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