Sunday, February 27, 2011

Is it Winter or Summer or How to Confuse the Vineyard

What can I say- it is either 85F in January or now below freezing with snow flurries. The vines started plumping their buds with the warmth, now they don't know whether to sleep or grow! So far lots of water this year, let's hope that continues. Want to see the bizarre weather check it out - Weather at Tres Palmeras/Coral Mustang Wines.

Still trying to finish wines off in the cellar even at this late date. With the late grapes came molds and bacteria that tend to stifle fermentations- definitely a challenge. Overall, I wouldn't say a stellar vintage, but certainly not as bad as many anticipated. The weather conditions last year kept the grapes from gaining too much sugar, but did allow them to mature in flavor- not the usual scenario for California, more like what you would see in more northern climes. Very exciting to see where the wines are landing after a very anxiety driven harvest.

Still working out the details for the Wine Club- I am a partner in another wine venture called Nuestro Vino where I make Sparkling. So working on a few details that may include some of those wines that I make as well. I will be updating my website soon!

FoodWine ListServ - New Cookbook - I have to put in a plug for a new cookbook that features recipes from an incredible group of people that have listed together for about 20 years. As a member my paella was nominated, then passed the taste test and made it into this book! To celebrate, the book was featured at a signing in Marin and several Foodstocks. What a great time!

Well, it's time to go back to the cellar where time seems to fly!
Cheers, the Mustang Winemaker

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