Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wine 2.0 - the Mustang Winemaker will be there, Tempranillo in hand

Tomorrow is Wine 2.0 in San Francisco!

I am very excited to be able to network with others in my position- how can the technology out there help sell wine and what else is coming on line. El Jefe, Jeff Stai of Twisted Oak has really hit it on the head with some of the obstacles that wineries and especially small, 'virtual' wineries are faced with. Time is my biggest obstacle as I have a day job at a reputable winery. Then after my 10+ hour day there devote time to my 'project'. But that was my choice,kind I can't complain. If I was profitable I could lose the day job, so finding ways to get there is foremost in my mind these days. (to Jeff Stai on Wine 2.0)

Which reminds me- I have an incredible deal on 05Tempranillo Rose-see You can purchase it there or on a number of online sites like Appellation America.

Back to the day job-
The Mustang Winemaker

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rose' Season Part 2- and of course,Tempranillo

Well we are well into the season here in California- nice weather! I am running into the notion that Rose' needs to be very young. If it is not 2006 vintage, then it must be too old.

Most of my customers are asking for 2006 vintage, but I have to say that the 2005's, my own included, is tasting absolutely incredible. Part of this may be due to the use of certain varietals that can stand the test of time. I say this as it seems that Rose' made from Pinot seems to tire and turn orange, whereas Grenache, Syrah, and Tempranillo don't. In my opinion some of these even get better! Look at some of the vintages of French Rose' out on the shelves- not many 2006.

And even with all of the press that Rose' seems to be getting, it is still a tough sell. It is too sweet, too dry, only good when it is hot out- still some rough bumps before acceptance of one of the most versatile wine types out there.

So a little plug- I have an incredible 2005 Rose' still for sale( I have had to release the 2006 and I hope that this time next year I will have a 2007- the verdict is still out on whether it makes sense to continue making what I feel is a great deal for this versatile, yummy wine.

I am a glutton for punishment, I make Tempranillo, which is also a hard sell. But I can feel the excitement that is being generated by those that are looking for something different. The 'tipping point' is coming, I know it. Then again, you need to know that I am the 'eternal optimist'.......................untill next week, cheers to good food, good wine and good friends- the Mustang Winemaker

Monday, May 7, 2007

It's Rose' Season!

The weather is warm here in the Alexander Valley of Sonoma County- actually it is summer desert hot for this time of the year. The warm/hot weather spells the beginning of Rose' drinking! Do I hear a cheer?

This has got to be one of the most versatile wine types, IMHO, but one of the least thought of when perusing the aisles of wine shops. And the notion that there is a season, (late spring and summer) for Rose', well, that's just hogwash (in nice terms). What wine goes with fall and winter dishes like ham, turkey, stews, soups- it's Rose'. One day I know that those who don't know this wine will and will wonder why they didn't give it the credit that it is due.

But enough ranting. I just have to have faith that the word will get out and all of us that love to make and drink this type of wine will make it through another year.

I have missed writing the past couple of weeks due to a business trip to Italy and Portugal. More on that next week- hey, I have to have something to keep you coming back!

Until next week, drink more Rose' (and Tempranillo)!
Cheers from the Mustang Winemaker

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