Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Long Harvest is Over- time for Beer!

This has been the longest harvest that I have ever been through.....and survived! I don't think I really saw summer, being buried in grapes, and now it is cold and frosty outside and cold and frosty inside - outside due to the weather, inside because cold stabilization for whites and sparklers is happening. The longevity of harvest this year was because we had a cool summer and the grapes were able to sit on the vines a little longer- truly mature. Those that waited, even with threats of rain, were rewarded with great flavors in their grapes.

My home vineyard, Tres Palmeras, is a great example of waiting for the flavors to develope rather than going by previous years picking schedules or lab numbers- picked about two weeks later than average and the wine is truly spectacular. The hard work and patience has paid of in the depth of fruit in this wine- can't wait to share it!

During this harvest I had the opportunity to represent California winemaking in Hong Kong- the Coral Mustang was there! What I learned was how fierce the competition is with France, but that there is definitely a yearning for something new and from the US, California in particular. A very different experience for me being immersed in International Trade, one that I will never forget.

My winemaking job at Rack and Riddle Custom Wine Services has teamed up with Crush Pad to do sparkling wine, what a fun adventure! In the process found out that some of you are anxiously awaiting your bubblies. Here is an interview I did with VinVillage Radio talking about the bubble program and about Coral Mustang- VinVillage Radio Interview.

This years Tempranillo almost ready for the long nap in barrels, still completing malolactic fermentation- should be ready by Christmas. If anyone is out this way- please feel free to call- barrel and bottle tasting are always at hand.

I hope that you visit the tasting room in Healdsburg as well- I plan to be there most Saturdays. I am also having some holiday specials-
2005 Rose' - $30/ case,
two pack gift box - one bottle 2005 Rose, one bottle 2005 Tempranillo - $20
three pack gift box - one bottle 2005 Rose', two bottles 2005 Tempranillo - $35
Perfect gifts for the season to bring to your friends, relatives, or treat yourself! 707-536-6339 or the tasting room at 118 North St. Healdsburg, CA.

Well, the wines are calling me back- the Mustang Winemaker

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