Sunday, September 5, 2010

Harvest has Begun for the Mustang Winemaker

Just got in from grapes and the multitude of paperwork that is required to get the winemaking process going! Now have a Mojito in hand and taking a breath. Harvest is going fill swing- grapes for bubbles and a little Muscat Canelli over the past two weeks. Not seeing to much of the damage that this years weather has brought on these grapes. However, I made a quick trip out to the Dry Creek area and was surprised to see what devastating effects the hot weather had on not only white grapes, but a lot of red grapes as well. This is something I have never seen in my 25 years in the business. I have talked with people that will not be bringing in grapes due to the damage.

Tres Palmeras is actually looking pretty good, though the amount of crop is way down. Sunburn didn't have much of an affect, but the cycling of not enough rain last year to an overabundance this year is freaking out the vines and they don't know whether do produce fruit or not. Remember- grapes are always in survival mode- what does the vine need to do to make more vines or just survive on its own.

Tomorrow is labor day and more grapes are coming- all for sparkling wine. Think I will stick a bottle in the frig- weather service is saying it is going to be HOT and cold bubbles at the end of the day.......almost as good as a beer!

Hope to get some video on the blog as soon as I get a moment, Stay tuned! Time to give my IPhone a work out, Until next time- cheers and have a super holiday.

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