Sunday, April 8, 2007

Tango in the Vineyards- it is Spring!

It is Spring in Sonoma County and the vines are looking great. It is on these beautiful days that I have to keep in mind that it is early in the season, meaning we could still encounter frost. Or there could be rain at bloom. Or...................Mother Nature still has the upper hand! Right now, my partner/Husband/Vineyard Manager is out walking the Tres Palmeras vineyard (Coral Mustang's home Vineyard). I am hoping to get fruit off of this small vineyard this year, so close attention will be paid to making sure this vineyard's first year is a good one.

With Spring comes taxes and I am working to get them finished before I am off on a business trip to Europe on the 14th- no Easter break for me! Hopefully 'Uncle Sam' will be kind this year.

On a brighter note- Steven Tolliver sent a comment/question to my last post (please see comments on Competitions, Good or Bad). He has a lot of knowledge when it comes to Tempranillo and a blog by that name as well ( Glad you found my musings Steven and I look forward to hearing from you again.

The TurboTax program is calling my name- The Mustang Winemaker- Cheers!

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