Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wine 2.0 - the Mustang Winemaker will be there, Tempranillo in hand

Tomorrow is Wine 2.0 in San Francisco!

I am very excited to be able to network with others in my position- how can the technology out there help sell wine and what else is coming on line. El Jefe, Jeff Stai of Twisted Oak has really hit it on the head with some of the obstacles that wineries and especially small, 'virtual' wineries are faced with. Time is my biggest obstacle as I have a day job at a reputable winery. Then after my 10+ hour day there devote time to my 'project'. But that was my choice,kind I can't complain. If I was profitable I could lose the day job, so finding ways to get there is foremost in my mind these days. (to Jeff Stai on Wine 2.0)

Which reminds me- I have an incredible deal on 05Tempranillo Rose-see You can purchase it there or on a number of online sites like Appellation America.

Back to the day job-
The Mustang Winemaker


el jefe said...

Thanks for the nice words! Wish I was going to Wine2.0 - the kid's high school graduation kinda trumped that.

RadCru said...

Hey Guys - Thanks for coming to Wine 2.0, I don't think I was able to meet you but will be in touch I tried the tempranillo after you left and really liked it.


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