Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Coral Mustang is on Vator.TV

First off - Yipppeeeee, it's raining! We are still in a serious drought, so every little drop is a blessing. Check out my website www.coralmustang.com contact page to see the weather at the vineyard- it's very cool!

So- last week went to a great event in San Francisco -Wine 2.0 . I was at this event last year and will be at future events. This is a great group that is helping the wine folks get up to speed with technology. I brought along the new Netbook that my husband got for me-so that I am not lugging around the 'huge' laptop. I set it up so that people could see my website, order, and then Twitter live to the folks there and on Twitter. I am not a true geek-but am bordering on such........

One of the sponsors was vator.tv - the Voice of the Entrepreneur. Great group if you are starting or maintaining a business- they have some great stuff. They were doing interviews with the principals of Wine 2.0 and decided to do some filming and tasting at the Coral Mustang and Terra Savia table - here is the film they did : Vator.TV

A funny thing happened at this event of tech/wine people- people were checking out my netbook-for their own use- kind of different! But it also got my wine and website out there-wish I could find a coral colored netbook.........

Vineyard update : the vines are growing like gangbusters! So far growth is looking pretty even and looking healthy. Now the next part of growing grapes that keeps me awake- frost danger.....this is what caused most of the havoc last year. The leaves and shoots are very susceptible to damage at this point-enough to prevent grapes from happening. Lots of checking on weather reports and hoping that Mother Nature wants to stay warm this year!

Well, back to the cellar and taxes..........the Mustang Winemaker, Penny

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Anonymous said...

Oh, VERY smart, capture the customers while they are at your table enjoying the wines. Great use for technology, Penny!

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