Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bud Break in the Vineyard!

Seems like I just finished harvest and now I am thinking about it again. The weather has been absolutely beautiful but worrisome. We definitely could use some more rain which everyday seems to loom just off the coast or just to the north or anywhere but here.

But I digress some, it is exciting thinking about the new vintage coming up in those little buds and what will it ultimately bring. Frank finished pruning in January. Cover crop looks good and mowing has been done more than once with this beautiful weather.

In the winery I am getting ready to bottle the first Tres Palmeras wines that will be offered to the wine club members. I love bottling and I hate bottling........love seeing my work come to fruition, hate that this is the last time I will see it- maybe hate is too strong- maybe just sad. But it has too happen and how else can I share the wines if not in a bottle.

Well off we go- another harvest is around the corner!

Penny, The Mustang Winemaker

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