Sunday, July 27, 2008

Will the smoke never end? and Big Sale- the Wine Spies spy Coral Mustang!

Another interesting year for grape growers. There is a lot of smoke from the fires in Northern California and where I am in Hopland, it has been downright oppressive!

Grapes are progessing- in fact Tres Palmeras, the Coral Mustang vineyard, is in veraison-Yippee! This is the signal that ripening is on its way, the wakeup call to get things in order for the next vintage. Frank and I will be out making decisions on crop load, what to drop, water, more leaf far not seeing any slowing from less sunlight due to the smoke. But there is more smoke on the horizon and some 'concerns' about what this may mean in the way of flavor profile. Ah, the mysteries still to be investigated.

ALERT! On the sales front, I want to let you know about the Wine Spies! In my last blog, I talked about them discovering Coral Mustang Wines. For only 24-hours, beginning on MONDAY morning (midnight Pacific), The Wine Spies will feature a small quantity this wine at one-time only price. The wine will run on Monday only and they are only making a limited number of bottles available, so be sure to take advantage of this special offer early.

To order, click on the big blue button with the countdown timer on it. It's first come first served and when they are out, they are out, so you may want to hurry-

Wine Spies Operatives (what they call their customers) tend to buy up wines quickly.

As an added special for our friends, The Wine Spies will provide Free Ground Shipping PLUS on orders of six (6) or more bottles. Just enter the promotion code 'SPYNOW' on the order screen and your savings will be applied at final checkout.

As another added special, they'll throw in a few surprises, including a copy of Imbibe Magazine, a great magazine about food and drink culture that The Wine Spies write a regular column for. If you’ve tasted this wine previously, please do us a favor and post a review on The Wine Spies. It’ll help other wine-lovers get to know our wines. Also, please feel free to share this special offer with friends and family by forwarding the email now.

Finally, be sure to sign up for their Daily Dispatch to learn about their daily wine sales and gain access to exclusive wine deal and savings codes. Also, you never know when The Wine Spies will feature one of our wines again.

Cheers to good friends, good food, and Family,
The Mustang Winemaker, Penny

P.S. For a complete list of states where The Wine Spies can ship, please visit their website. This offer is only good through The Wine Spies and it expires 07/28/08 @ 11:59:59pm. If you have any questions about placing an order on their site, or if you have general questions about their service, please email them @

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