Friday, May 9, 2008

WBW and Other Wine Fun

There has been so much going on the past couple of weeks: a lot of new construction with my day job winery, work in the vineyards, a few wine events, and the grand tasting of wine for WBW, or Wine Blog Wednesday ( this month was old World Reisling.

The 2006 Max Ferd Reisling was the wine for review-part of the 3-pack order from - Thank you!
The bottle sells for $13- $15 dollars according to my limited search of this wine. What a fun label from this German producer and you do not need a cork pull.
As usual I did have to come up with a food to have with this wine and decided on a grilled shrimp and scallops that had been marinated in a little olive oil and hot spanish paprika.

This was a really interesting wine for me as I haven't had that many German reislings. The first aroma out of the glass was a little fusel oil and then citrus flower, light spice, and kiwi with mango that really burst out of the glass. In the mouth- pure pink grapefruit. Really fun- though a little one dimensional in the mouth for me- no mid or finish, but at 10% alcohol, well it was pretty pleasant. I had a kind of love/hate with this wine as the 'fusel' aroma was a little much for me, but I loved the other aromas and I loved the grapefruit flavor.

This was not a bad match with my skewers- the scallops better that the shrimp, in fact excellent with the scallops. I kept thinking that I should have done a grapefruit buerre blanc with the scallops- might have been fun.

Tomorrow I will talk more about the events I have gotten myself to the last couple of weeks.
But before I go- Bloom has started in the Tres Palmeras vineyard here in Cloverdale! Harvest is around the corner........

Cheers to good food, good friends, and family,
The Mustang Winemaker


noble pig said...

I adore this wine label, I've seen it around. Something about that vintage look.

Can't wait to hear about your other stuff!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had as much fun with your German Riesling as I did on this Wine Blogging Wednesday!

TinaV said...

I love oily smells in the Riesling nose, but I know part of that is because I smoke and my own sense of smell is compromised. [grin] Your nose, I keep noticing, is quite sensitive.

Low-alc wines are so friendly, don't you think? We had many in Northern Italy last year, all under 11%, with great pleasure.

The Mustang Winemaker said...

Hey Tina,
I 'grew up' with lower alc wines, so I have to say that even now I have a better appreciation of those wines and feel that have many times they have much more character. But that is part of the 'game' of winemaking- what is the right time to pick what variety to get the most of that grape.
Just my two bits-The Mustang Winemaker

Ryan O'Vineyards said...

I definitely agree that each variety and each vintage has its own nuances beckoning for more or less maturity from year to year. I can almost hear the grapes asking to be picked sometimes.

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