Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm back- Tempranillo Tango is alive!

After a much too long hiatus, I am back! I have just transitioned into a new day job to try and keep Coral Mustang Wines alive. About a month ago now I left J Vineyards and Winery- actually I was replaced- nepotism is alive. First time I've have had this happen to me. My naivete has always led me to believe that hard work and loyalty would be worth something and get one ahead in life............I'm old enough to know that business is business, but my optimism always takes over.

This has been a fortunate turn of events as it made me get out there and see where else I could use my skills. I am now part and partner to a brand new venture! Very exciting- retrofitting an empty warehouse into a working winery- before harvest- this year- in fact in a couple of weeks! So far it is looking good. Press and destemmer are in, floor finished tomorrow, then tanks will arrive. Most of the lab has been set up, then there is the myriad of paperwork- yikes- gotta love the government. This new facility will also allow me to make my own wines on site, which will make my life a lot easier.

With all of that going on, I have just arrived in Paso Robles where the grapes I source for my wines are located. It's a five hour drive from where I live, but this is a great vineyard. I am going to be checking on the sugar levels and taste lots of berries to get a feel for what I'm in for this year.

Also this year I will get a chance to see how my own vineyard grapes will be for wine. So far the fruit is pretty tasty, which is a good start.

Well back to work on paperwork for the new venture-see you next week!

The Mustang Winemaker


Anonymous said...

J's great loss and hopefully your colossial gain.
Keep the faith, Penny. We look forward to new adventures in winemaking.
Mike Holland

Neo-Luddite said...

Penny, it is SO J's loss. We are looking forward to the new vintage of Coral Mustang and whatever come sout of the new venture. Please keep us in the loop.

Mike & Anne

Anonymous said...

Hi from T--just checked your blog for the first time in ages and found you testing sugars and preparing for harvest. See my emails re: custom crush gossip, and the all-tempranillo session at the upcoming trade show.

Let me know if you need any hands for Tres Palmeras harvest this year--or did you already?

Happy Harvest! hope it's not too nuts.

Neo-Luddite said...

Penny - hope the harvest is be slowing down soon. Take care and the best to Frank.

Mike Holland

V said...

Nice going! How was harvest for you?

The Mustang Winemaker said...

Thank you for checking in!

Harvest was CRAZY busy- loved every minute of it though. I am now coming up for air to get ready for the next round of activities-disgorging, bottling,bringling in new equipment to be able to do these things, manage barrels- isn't there a holiday in between there??

Mustang Winemaker

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