Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Week Number Two for Coral Mustang

Things seem to be running well for the blog, next will be a link to my website! Comments are welcome.

News on the wine front: The weather has been very cold here in Sonoma County-good for the grapes, not so great for the humans. The vines are in deep, deep sleep, waiting for the longer days to arrive. The 2006 wines are doing well with the Rose looking like another winner!

Tomorrow is the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium in Sacramento. This is a fun day-meeting up with friends that I get to see maybe once or twice a year due to distance. It is also a chance to see the newest and winemaking do not always seem to go together in my mind. I will be attending with some co-workers from my 'day' job at another winery, let off steam and have a beer, or I mean wine, or whatever seems appropriate at the moment.

Well, it's back to the cold cellar-again good for the wine, bad for the humans.............The Mustang Winemaker

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