Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blogging and Wine- #WBC 2008

Good Morning- fall is definitely in the air and showing in the vineyards! October- festivals, Halloween, and the debut of the Wine Bloggers Conference. I have to say this was one of the best events I have ever attended- a time well spent meeting fellow bloggers that I follow as well as catch up with others that helped me get started with blogging. This was technically a conference and there were some very good seminars about how to use blogs, how to write a blog, where, when, how.

This was an unusual conference in that it also had a wine tasting component to it- in fact more than one. Tasting to help hone the skills of those in the blogging and writing world. This was also great press for those wineries that could submit their wines.

As a Winemaker this was an odd place for me because I am a Winemaker- I don't write for a living. Although I have to say after this conference it made me wonder if this was something I could do- no grape skins under the fingernails, no wine stains (except from the occasionally spillage from tasting), no smells of the fermenters, walking in the vineyards..........well, maybe there could be. But I was reminded of the solitary existence that many writers have by Alice Feiring- who did an incredible job addressing the highly animated blogger crowd.

So, I will continue to make wine- what I know best- and keep blogging to bring my world hopefully into yours.

Back to the wine- Cheers,
The Mustang Winemaker

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